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General Programme Instructions

The General Programme Instructions are the rules guiding the overall administration and operation of the International EPD® System in accordance with ISO 14025.

Next version (3.0)

Version 3.0 of the General Programme Instructions are under development and was available for stakeholder feedback via open consultation until 2017-08-30. The comments are now being summarized and integrated into the document by the Secretariat and the Technical Committee.

The final version is expected to be published later this year.

More information and the draft document that was available for open consultation is available on this page

Current version (2.5)

Download the General Programme Instructions (Version 2.5)


Guidance to interpreting some of the information in the programme instructions is available on this page from the Technical Committee.

Changes in version 2.5

Version 2.5 replaces version 2.01, and was published 2015-05-11. Existing PCR documents remain valid and may be used to develop and register new EPDs. The new version of the programme instructions is expected to be adopted gradually into new PCRs when they are updated.

Key changes compared to version 2.01:

  • Introduction added
  • Updated organisational structure, e.g. name of programme operator, Steering Committee replaced with International Advisory Board and Member organisations changed to members of stakeholder network
  • Information about EPD certificate updated
  • Role of pre-certification as an option during development of new PCRs clarified
  • Added section on how to provide feedback on published EPDs and other documents
  • Document checked to strive for full compliance with EN 15804:2012+A1:2013, and added information on when the standard overrules other instructions in the programme instructions.
  • Clarification on compliance with ISO/TC 14067
  • Further alignment of PCR process with the Guidance for PCR development (2013), e.g. in PCR Committee and what stakeholders to consider to invite to the process
  • Information about cover page of EPD added
  • Requirements for number formatting for thousands separator and decimal mark, and dates added
  • Recommendation to include a flow chart in EPD added
  • Allowed use of regional LCIA methods as a complement to the default methods
  • Section of Use of resources revisited
  • New indicator added: radioactive waste
  • General competence requirements for verifiers added
  • EPD validity
  • Requirements to include similar products in the same EPD expanded
  • Changed name of "Other generic data" to "proxy data"
  • Clarified that specifica data for electricity mix shall be used for upstream processes, if available
  • Example given  of data quality declaration
  • ISO 14046 used as main reference for water footprint calculations as additional information
  • Updated requirements on EPD Process Certification based on experience from companies using this option
  • Many editorial changes, formatting changes and clarifications

Older versions

Information about older versions of the General Programme Instructions is available here.